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  • Have you ever wished your manager had more management training? We show you how to persuade your manager to take our training so that they come back a new man / woman.
  • Have you ever been ticked off at work? We show how to stay ticked on. 
  • Have you ever delivered training where people were asleep? We show you how to never be boring again.
  • Have you ever wanted to become a leading authority in your field? We show you how to get out of your own damn way so that people like, respect, and refer you as the person of choice in your area of smartness.


Smart, crazy, rich, poor, up-and-coming, psychologically challenged, certified genuis, interpersonally awkward, and gifted and talented. In our work with thousands of managers and employees spanning 26 countries and counting, we've encountered everything imaginable. We ain't saying people are weird BUT we got stories.....


You provide the goals. We provide the recipe. Together we cook up one really tasty dish of success. We kinda think of it to be like a food porn frenzy experience...whatever the heck that is. All we know is how to help you invent a future that would cause your ex boyfriend / girlfriend / spouse to want to get back in the game. Yeah it's like that (said as we brush our shoulders off).

(aka translation for Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, and some Gen Xers)

OK, if you want the traditional language on why you can't pass up the opportunity to experience our amazing abilities here you go. We help you...

  •  Develop the skills to become a high impact, high profit enabling contributor to any team you're a member of.
  • Stop practicing the "hope-it-works" or the "wait-and-see" approaches that yield mostly yawn-worthy results to applying the EXACT proven process for delivering extraordinary results without extraordinary effort.
  • Play to your strengths. Uncover hidden value. Reverse stupidity. And create a future you can be excited about.
  • Reduce the time to success and achievement from A LIFETIME to months, weeks, and even days if you're willing to let us show you how to get out of your own damn way.

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Contact us today. us like now. When you do we'll come running like someone left the gate open.