Topics Covered In The Master Class

The Road Map for Generating Leads Fast!

Create an Attention Grabbing Headline

Create a profile that instantly attracts your ideal customers

Target the Skills Your Ideal Customers Crave

Quickly identify 50 skills your customers pay for

Get Testimonials that Instantly Sell You

Have people sing your praises using the exact phrases that sell you

Position Yourself as THE EXPERT in Your Niche

Share accomplishments that make you absolutely irresistible

Create Posts that Generate New Leads

Share info that instantly drives traffic to your website

Schedule Posts for Maximum Exposure

Post at the exact times your ideal buyers are looking for you

Find Your Ideal Buying Customers with Ease

Locate your ideal customers in minutes with laser precision 

Generate Sales without Selling

Use the 1 strategy that will have customers flocking to you

Training from A Global Top 10 Female Influencer on LinkedIn

A live, 4 hour hands on workshop during which you will actually create a powerful, lead-generating profile before you leave the program.

"Using Thida's strategies, I went from 997 connections to over 6,000 connections and over 6,100 followers. And I average between 1,000 and 5,000 views for each post. These numbers helped me land my 1st book deal with a major publisher in my niche."

Sardek Love
International Keynote Speaker

Thida Win-Love


How would your life change if

  • you could reach, with laser-like precision, your ideal buying customer without spending a dime?
  • you had an easy-to-apply system for automatically driving new leads to your website?
  • your profile and posts made you the OBVIOUS provider of choice for your ideal buying customers?

I learned a few insider tips using LinkedIn that have enabled me to attract people who crave the services my businesses offer.

I live my life to help people live their dreams, and I will be honored to share these insider secrets to help you grow your business and change your life forever. 

Register Today.

This is a hands on Workshop so bring your own laptop or iPad.

Only 24 seats available, so enroll now to guarantee your attendance. 

Hampton Inn Manassas

7295 Williamson Blvd

Manassas, VA 20109

2:00 pm - 6:00 pm

April 14, 2018




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