8 Training Activities That Will 10X Participant Engagement



Instantly Implement All 8 High Impact Low Cost Training Activities To WOW Any Audience

As a training professional, have you ever...

Asked questions and got bone-crushing silence?

Delivered training that even you would sleep through?

Crammed a shipload of content down participants' throats because you were running out of time?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you are not alone.

Whether you are a new trainer just learning the ropes, an accidental trainer being stretched out of your comfort zone, or seasoned veteran with tons of scar tissue you proudly call experience, these 8 activities are for you!

Any training professional can deliver training like a master facilitator by applying the FACILITATING WITH IMPACT! SYSTEM because it makes great facilitation nearly automatic.

Register right now and get the top 8 most popular AND most effective training activities used by the King of Engagement, Master Trainer, International Keynote Speaker, and author of Speak For A Living 2nd Edition Sardek Love.

You Get These 8 High Impact Low Cost Training Activities

Use all 8 to absolutely WOW any audience

Top Challenges

What data gathering technique do you know that meets all 4 of the following criteria:

  • you receive at least a 95% response rate
  • people happily and willing tell you their biggest challenge (to success)
  • people tell you their biggest challenge even if their boss is sitting in the room
  • people have fun sharing their biggest challenge

This activity is THE ONLY ONE, and it is one of the most engaging activities you can use in your training programs.

9 Dots in a Box

A phenomenal brain teaser and great way to get your participants thinking "out of the box".

A Taste of Change

The greatest metaphor of change ever! Teach your participants everything they need to know about change management in less than 10 minutes using a single piece of candy! Most Popular Activity!

Paper Tear

People think they communicate effectively. Using this classic activity, amaze your participants while simultaneously teaching them the core skills for effectively communicating.

Traffic Jam

Place your participants in a unique and extremely engaging problem-solving exercise that will expose their normal habits of thinking and doing when placed under time pressures.


A great activity for teaching leaders how to communicate a vision - use this activity to prove the importance of being able to paint a picture with words that inspire people to action.

Our Values

Most organizational mission, vision, and values statements are merely forgotten words on walls. After this activity that will no longer be the case. Use this activity to ensure day-to-day decisions and actions are aligned to the organization's vision, mission, and values.

Rock Paper Scissors Tournament

A fun and highly engaging spin on this classic game, use this version to prove to your participants competition and support for a common goal can coexist when they are properly reinforced by leaders.


Get the full facilitation instructions, videos of Sardek facilitating each activity, and 12 "when best to use" suggestions for each activity.


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