5 Types of Stories that ENGAGE Virtual Audiences

Tell these to make you and your content absolutely unforgettable!

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In This Power-Packed Webinar, You'll Learn How to

  • Avoid making 3 common storytelling mistakes that cause your virtual presentations to absolutely SUCK
  • Use a classic storytelling formula TedTalk & professional speakers utilize to keep people hanging on their every word
  • Quickly find examples for each of the 5 types of stories with ease
  • Create raving fans of your virtual speaking and training events without having to play silly online games adults hate

Training from International Keynote Speaker & Author Sardek Love

Sardek is the CEO of Sardek Love International and coauthor of Speak for a Living 2nd Edition. As the creator of the Peak Performance Made Simple system, he teaches individuals, leaders, and training professionals how to deliver predictable performance that produces profitable results. Sardek has served clients in 32 countries and engages thousands annually via his virtual events. He was cited in 2018 as one of the Top 25 Global Thought Leaders in Talent Development speaking at the ATD International Conference & Exposition. Known for his very entertaining and extremely engaging speaking style, he's going to teach you the exact steps for telling masterful stories that has made him a favorite keynote speaker with conference and event planners worldwide.

What People are Saying Who've Attended a Virtual Event with Sardek


"Man, the story [about losing the room] on day one then changing up the strategy was intense and awesome."


"Is there a link to watch the rest of this interview? The story got me hooked!" 




"Awesome stories. My friends and family members are still talking positively about my Instagram Live interview of you."


"Awesome story, very similar training in the military. This is golden stuff!"




"You have made quite the impression at ATD Core 4 a couple years ago. Hearing you facilitate is quite a treat. Look forward to your content always!"


"You are a wonderful teacher, leader, friend, and everything one could look for in a good mentor."



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