3 Tips for Converting Classroom Training Into Highly Engaging Virtual Training

Easily create or convert existing classroom training into highly interactive, live virtual learning experiences trainees will rave about


I'm Absolutely Going to WOW You Because When We're Done, You'll Know How to...

  • Avoid doing 3 things that causes 90% of all virtual training to absolutely SUCK
  • Do the ONE THING that creates massive participant engagement with little facilitator effort
  • Make your virtual training courses so fun and engaging participants (like Yanique Grant pictured in the screen shot) won't even know they are learning
  • Chunk your virtual content so that participants can immediately apply what you taught them back on the job

Training from Master Facilitator, International Keynote Speaker, and Author Sardek Love

Sardek is the CEO of Sardek Love International and coauthor of Speak for a Living 2nd EditionAs the creator of the Facilitating with Impact! System, he teaches training and speaking professionals how to deliver highly engaging training with ease. An extremely popular speaker and trainer, Sardek has trained or delivered keynote speeches in 32 countries and engages thousands annually via his virtual events. He was cited in 2018 as one of the Top 25 Global Thought Leaders in Talent Development speaking at the ATD International Conference & Exposition. Known for his very entertaining and extremely engaging speaking style, he's going to teach you the super-simple, tiny shifts you can make in the way you design and deliver training that will create raving fans of your training programs.

What People are Saying Who've Attended a Virtual Event with Sardek


"Had a great experience learning. Took a page and a half of tips and tricks to add to the ol' tool belt."





"Some great tips from one of the most amazing public speakers I have seen!" 







"Thank you for facilitating an amazing session on 5 Types of Stories that ENGAGE Virtual audiences!"


"The entire webinar was engaging and enlightening. I'm excited because now I want to do more than inform - I want to transform!" 






"Sardek is an amazing facilitator. I walked away from this virtual training energized and excited to embrace the future of virtual training within my organization during these changing times in the learning and development profession."


"I was in awe of how he weaves his lessons into the fabric of the presentation. His ability to provide content and model the specifics of that content is why I consider Sardek’s training an essential to my continued success."


Who Should Attend The Webinar

This webinar is specifically designed for:

  • Training Managers and Directors
  • Human Resource Managers and Directors
  • Virtual Facilitators and Virtual Trainers
  • Instructional Designers
  • Professional Speakers
  • Anyone Who Facilitates Online Training Programs


3 Tips for Converting Classroom Training Into Highly Engaging Virtual Training